Pad Thai, Kitty style

pad thai 06 sauceI first had Pad Thai at a little Thai place in Portland that no longer exists. The sauce was rich and peanutty. I soon found out, after trying the dish at many other establishments, that this wasn’t exactly traditional. Still, I loved that original Pad Thai, and was determined to figure it out.

The secret is the sauce. Don’t get Pad Thai sauce. Get Satay Sauce. This is my brand, which I get from the local Asian market. Yeah, I could make it myself, but this is better and easier.

pad thai 01 rice stickGet a half pound of medium rice stick soaking in hot water. The package says, warm, but they’re just kidding. Get a large pan heating up over mediumish heat with a couple tablespoons of olive oil.

pad thai 02 onionsSlice half an onion and add it to the pan. Stir it frequently until just translucent. Keep in mind, I like to caramelize the heck out of my onions. If you don’t, start throwing in the next ingredients after a few seconds.

pad thai 03 carrots ssAdd hard veggies, like carrots, and a splash of soy sauce. There will be many such splashes, so sorry if you’re monitoring your sodium intake. Stir frequently and cook about three minutes.

pad thai 04 soft veg peanutsAdd the softer stuff. In my case, a small zucchini and a third of a red bell pepper. Also add a clove of diced garlic, and a handful of unsalted peanuts. This is where I normally add a small can of bean sprouts, but I forgot ’em. Add a splash of soy. Cook, stirring, for about another three minutes.

pad thai 07 eggsBeat two eggs. Move all the veggies over to one side of the pan, and add the eggs and a splash of soy sauce. Stir the eggs until cooked, keeping them mostly separate from the veggies. Skip the eggs if you want to go vegan.

pad thai 08 noodlesDrain and add the noodles, the entire jar of sauce, and (can you guess?) a splash of soy sauce. Use two spoons or spatulas or whatever to toss it all together until it’s a gorgeous mess.

pad thai 09 nomNom your Pad Thai.

2 Responses to Pad Thai, Kitty style

  1. tigs says:

    wow!!! that recipe looks familiar! well – except for the soy (we use tamari), the zucchini (we call it the vegetable of doom, since we’re allergic), the eggs (death allergy), and the satay sauce. We use a bit of rice vinegar, some tamarind, some peanut butter, and some more tamari. other than that, EXACTLY the same! LOL right down to all the splashes!

    nom nom nom. (do you add red pepper flakes and lime juice at the end?)

  2. frykitty says:

    I’m guessing the flavor on yours is probably stronger than mine.

    No chili flakes or lime–it’s hot enough, and I never have lime juice around. 🙂

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