I'm awake, I'm awake…. It

I’m awake, I’m awake….

It takes me about ONE day to turn my schedule completely around these days. When Kelly called this morning to ask me to go to the coast, I was mighty groggy. But I was awake enough to say yes. Beachity, beachity, funfunfun.

Of course I realize that when most of you think “beach”, you’re thinking the So-Cal variety. This is Oregon. Think gray skies that blend with the sea on the horizon so you’re not sure where one stops and the other begins. Think deserted sand except for one couple with their kid, a guy with his dog, and two teenagers with kites. Really nice kites. In the Fall, think walking along the water, looking out, and seeing a seal popping up to look at you. Then walking a few more yards to find he’s following you.

I love Oregon.

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