Adventure Saturday: Bead Show

bead show 03Today we went to the Gem, Jewelry and Bead Show at Sarasota’s Municipal Auditorium.  I was used to the shows in Portland, where they had a few interesting beads, but mostly it was other people’s work. I got inspired, but I never spent much. This was wonderfully different.

bead show 04There was still some finished work here, but mostly, it was beads and findings.

bead show 02Tons and tons of beads and findings. In fact, I’ll probably just keep a list of the findings I need and wait for the next show, since they’re here every couple months.

bead show 01There were crystals and gemstones galore, but not very many seed beads.  The Beading Ladies (website opening shortly) had some nice hanks of Czech beads, but that’s about it.

loot 01Here our new garden gator, Fred, shows off my loot. The polished agate in the front is from Huiling Design. They had several shades. I assume they’re dyed or heated. They were just gorgeous, so I got the color I already had beads to match. Seed beads and some lovely sea glass came from The Beading Ladies. I can’t wait until their site opens, because I want more of that glass. The large ceramic skull, and the black and white one next to it, came from the wonderful Firefly Design Studio. I think these were the only handmade items at the show. Michelle was great, and I look forward to buying from her in the future. The rest of the items were purchased here and there.  A few strings of crystals, more skulls, some bezels and findings. I bought a set of dremel bits from a woman who reminded me of The Junk Lady from Labyrinth. “Don’t you want a loupe? Sure, you want a loupe! Nice loupey loupey.”

For lunch, we considered Yoder’s but it was packed. Instead, we went to a place down the street I had noticed a few weeks ago, Der Dutchman. Apparently, it’s a chain, though it doesn’t seem like one. The meatloaf was fantastic, and everything else was yummy enough to go back for the meatloaf. They have a very good pie menu, which made us happy.

They also have a large gift shop upstairs, where we were tempted by many pretty things. That’s where Fred came from. I also bought my first purse in decades.

loot 02I took one look at it and said, wow, my sister would love that! Then I thought, hey, I love it!

I’d been planning on making a purse, but this has exactly the form factor I wanted. It is very well designed, right down to the adjustable strap. Plus, sparkly.

Skulls, pie, and sparkles. It was a good day.

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