Adventure Saturday: Braden Castle

braden castle 05Braden Castle isn’t really a castle. It is the ruin of a plantation house built in the 1850s. It passed hands a few times, survived the Civil War, then burned in 1900.

braden castle 02In the 1920s, the original snowbirds, the Tin Can Tourists bought the land surrounding the castle and began building cottages. Packed tightly together, with inviting front areas that encourage neighborly interaction, the cottages retain their 30s charm despite renovations.

braden castle 03The ruins are located in a small park, and surrounded by chain link fence. They are alive with anoles.

Spot the anole!

As we walked around taking pictures, we were accompanied by a pretty manx tabby we called Welcome Wagon, or Welcome for short.braden castle 08

Here he is being suspicious of me. Welcome didn’t like the camera, possibly because it looked like I would pick him up. Pets are fine, grabs are not.

braden castle 07We spent ages just sitting with Welcome, and then a bunch more time talking with a woman who owned much of the land. She was very proud of the neighborhood–as she should be–and obviously loves to chat about the castle and the park.

What was supposed to be a quick trip up the street, turned into a long, relaxing sit in a lovely spot. Cat included.

braden castle 04 welcome

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