Happy Moments All ‘Round

tri colored heronI have been doing the 100 Happy Days project over on my other frytopia on Tumblr. But I can only post one a day, and there were many happy things today.

The day started with me dropping the Spousal Unit off at work, and spotting a tri-colored heron. This is the best shot I could get. He was lovely.

Next, off I went to Tarpon Springs to letterbox with a couple of friends.

no swimmingHere’s Andrea being silly by the No Swimming sign. The sign I’m sorry I didn’t get a picture of:


I don’t even want to know what prompted the placement of that.

bead loot

On the way back, I found bead nirvana, and get this–it’s a bead shop in the back of a used book store, so you wind through the stacks to get to it. It’s kind of magical. The place is Sparkle Spot, and though it’s a small space, they have a great selection of seed beads and findings. Kelly hasn’t taken up all her space with stringing beads, like I see in so many other shops. She also dyes Fireline, so you can pick up a number of colors. I spent waaaay too much money, and I’m not sorry.

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