Adventure Saturday: Nurseries

monstera deliciosa
It was kind of a mini Adventure Saturday today. We’d planned to visit two nurseries. We ended up at three nurseries and a farmer’s market.

old myakka farmer marketOn our way to the first nursery, we discovered the Old Myakka Farmers Market. It was small, but there was lots of goodness. We left with honey, eggs, and veg, all directly from the folks who produced them. I couldn’t resist a couple of rare fruits, a sapota and a monstera deliciosa (pictured above). The monstera deliciosa (delicious monster), aka Fruit Salad Plant, was irresistible just for its strangeness. You cannot peel and eat it. You must (must!) wait for the scales to fall off on their own, and then you can eat the bits of exposed fruit. It is supposed to taste like a cross between a pineapple and a banana. Can’t wait to try it.

4beesFrom there, we headed to 4 Bees Herb Farm, to get some of their beautyberry insect repellent for a friend in Oregon.

4bees 02Deborah has grown herbs for decades, and the shop features a delightful apothecary-like shelf of medicinals.

crowley nursery anoleSince it was just down the road, we headed to Crowley Nursery; an exotic garden of ornamentals, as well as an amazing collection of edibles–many I’d never heard of! When we want tropical fruit trees, I know where we’re going.

crowley nursery anole 02Of course, did we get any pictures of this wonderland? No, we took pictures of the anoles. As you do.

Our final stop was Mariposa Nursery, at which we also got zero pictures. Heh. We were distracted by all the pretty sculpture and fountains and pots and plants and things. This is our closest nursery, and I imagine we’ll be spending some time there.


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