Ghosts, Chips, and Hot Maori Boys

I’ve been planning on make some seasoned chips for Halloween. I’d stored the “ghost chips” recipe in Evernote. I have Evernote set up so its results come up when I use Google. And that’s how all this started.

See, a video came up in Google, next to my Evernote stuff. It is an anti drunk-driving ad from New Zealand:

But wait, there’s more. This led to a parody video by The Cuzzies, a side project of JGeek and The Geeks.

So who the heck are these guys? They’re kinda performance comedy art. They are multi-talented, which you’d expect from a group led by a former Disney kid. Check ’em out in this Maori version of the history of dance:

And now my new favorite song, which is hilarious:

Finally, something spooky for the holidays from my new favorite metro Maoris.


For the record, I would totally steal ghost chips.


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