Scrap paper bowl

I’ve found a new favorite crafter, and I can only understand one word out of 20. Luckily, Gustamon knows how to make a good craft video. Every step is clear. You don’t even need the occasional English notes.


Naturally, I had to try this paper bowl for myself.
cardstock bowl
First, I gathered supplies.
paperbowl 01
This year’s crafting for A Month of Spookdays left me with lots of spooky scraps.
paperbowl 02
I cut them into 1/2-inch strips, and kept them separated so I could put colors together.
paperbowl 03
I glued some dark paper together in a long strip first, then I started rolling.
paperbowl 04
And rolling.
paperbowl 05
My final disk was about six inches across.  Note for next time: watch to see if I get a lump where several seams have overlapped, and cut a strip short to compensate. I ended up with a pretty good lump in there, but it doesn’t show much in the end.
paperbowl 06
I coated the inside with glue, and carefully shaped the bowl. I probably could have done a more even job, but not too bad.  Glue went on the outside, and I left it to dry.
paperbowl 07
Despite all the cool spooky papers, I didn’t like the mish-mash look in the end. The inside got a coat of gold paint.
paperbowl 08
The outside, except for one strip at the top I liked, got gesso, white paint, and some stripes.  I left the bottom unpainted, so I could still see the original paper rolling.
paperbowl 09
I wanted the outside shiny, so I masked off the bottom and applied a couple coats of gloss varnish.
paperbowl 10
The finished product. I like it! Now, what to do with the rest of those scraps….

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