Melt Art Suncatcher

suncatcher 09

I have all these toilet paper tubes collected, and I was trying to think of something to do with them. I looked around my studio for stuff I maybe don’t use that often. And there it was: my Ranger Melting Pot.

I decided to make a suncatcher, and after a few test runs, I was on my way.

I used the roll as rings to mold the melted plastic. I just cut and straightened them. I had to glue down the occasional flappy bit.

suncatcher 01

Next, I wanted to color my UTEE. After several failed experiments, I, uh, looked up how I was supposed to do it. Well then.

You put some UTEE in a cup, add a drop or two of alcohol ink, and mix until the color is distributed. You can’t put alcohol ink directly in to melted UTEE because, hello, flammable!

suncatcher 02-2

I put everything on a silpat, which left neat cross-hatch pattern. I used a chopstick to hold my mold down while pouring.

suncatcher 02

Sorry, no pictures of me pouring. The Melting Pot is a very awkward tool, because it should be difficult to lift molten liquid. But I did get pretty colors.

suncatcher 03

I used scissors to trim any escaped UTEE, and then to trim the mold flush with the plastic.

suncatcher 04

suncatcher 05

Next, the outside of the ring got a coat of paint. I used Distress Paint, mostly because the dauber was handy for this project.

suncatcher 06

See the cool pattern?

I used a hot wire knife to carefully poke holes in either end of the piece, and added jump rings.

suncatcher 07

suncatcher 08

Next, a little beadwork. This took the longest, because of course I had to choose tiny, tiny beads. A loop on the top, then just piece to piece, with about an inch in between each.

suncatcher 10

For the hanger, I stained a chopstick (I love chopsticks) and whittled down the ends so they would fit these handmade beads from my pottery days.

suncatcher 12

I cut a little groove in the chopstick where each string would go. I slid on each string, and added a dab of glue. I needn’t have bothered, because the glue didn’t stick. Didn’t matter, as the strings don’t move much.

suncatcher 11

I added some ribbon with a loop tied in the top, and behold, pretty thing!


I love the imperfect look of this, and especially the pattern from the silpat.


2 Responses to Melt Art Suncatcher

  1. kariann says:

    Pretty ! You’re right about the imperfect, coarse look. Really nice.

  2. Wyvern says:

    That’s awesome! I love the colors you got. I never would have guessed that was UTEE.

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