My Fiiiish!

Last week, we were watching a Great Blue Heron by the pond at the Spousal Unit’s work. He was a mid-sized Bluey, and he had caught himself a big ol’ catfish. Not sure it tasted very nice, because he kept putting it back in the shallows to rinse it, and then swishing his beak as well. Then he’d pick it up and try to eat it again. Sadly, we didn’t get a picture of him packing the fish along the pond. It was adorable.

At one point when the dead catfish was on the rinse cycle, the heron suddenly backed up several feet.

I like this tree. It's a good tree.

I like this tree. It’s a good tree.

We couldn’t figure out why he wasn’t going back for another round with the fish until we leaned forward a bit.


C’mon! Come back! It’s a good fish!

This juvenile alligator was about 5 feet long, nose to tail. He wasn’t big enough to eat that heron, but he was gonna give it the ol’ college try. His nose is about a foot from the fish. He waited. And waited.

It didn’t work out for the alligator. After much hemming and hawing, the heron decided he could live without the fish. He moved down the bank several feet behind the alligator, hoping the sneaky bugger would move off and leave him to breakfast.

And that didn’t work out for the heron.

Om nom catfish nom!

Om nom catfish nom!

No heron for breakfast? Fine, I’ll have catfish!

You. Ate. My. Fish.

You. Ate. My. Fish.

The heron looked on, incredulous and disgruntled. He finally flew off to find another damned fish.

I love being an alligator.

I love being an alligator.

Smug and well-fed, the gator cruised back to the middle of the pond to float and digest.

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  1. Cheryll Dale says:

    Wow! What clear great pictures!!! Great story telling visually!

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