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Not much in the way of links this week, as I’ve been too busy to surf. Busy making a lizard shirt for the Spousal Unit’s birthday, which seems to be developing into an annual tradition.

I made this year’s shirt with Sulky Iron-On Transfer Pens. You draw on regular paper, then transfer the pattern with heat. Marvy also makes a marker that is similar. They are made to transfer patterns for embroidery and applique, and if used with regular paper, the image is pretty light. If used with something non-porous, you can get a darker image.

The Aftermath

The Aftermath

I did several experiments and decided on freezer paper. It’s non-porous on the plastic side, and when heated, it sticks, firmly but temporarily, to fabric. This is why lots of people use it for stencils. Also, the roll I have is very wide, and I was gonna need some space.

I did the pattern in three large sections. Because the paper was resistant, each line was gone over two or more times.

It isn’t perfect. The darkness is inconsistent, and there are splatters that didn’t turn up in my experiments. I’ll have to figure that out before I make another shirt. Which I’ll definitely do, because I love the overall effect. ┬áSure, I see the flaws like we all do when we make something, but I also find myself enjoying my favorite sections, like that flower near the end of the tail.

Happy birthday, love!

Da Spousal Unit

Da Spousal Unit

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  1. Cheryll Dale says:

    I had forgotten you made a shirt for Bill, was looking through the Art Explorations sight and saw you mentioned it, so came to look it up. It really is a cool shirt!! Does he still wear it?

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