Custom Car Emblems

You know those chrome (or in the case of Chevy, tacky gold plate) emblems that indicate the car maker? Did you know you can get your own? Yep, pry that Hyundai emblem off and replace it with, oh…


Or maybe this.


You don’t have to settle for chrome. You can get gold, or even colors. Most companies have stock designs (like an entire DC Comics line!) as well as custom from your own design.


Most folks get these emblems to stick on their cars in addition to their regular emblem, rather than confusing people by prying off the old one. Which is probably good, because I would follow a Batman car to find out what it was.

One of the most subtle customizations I’ve seen is the vinyl overlay for BMW roundels.


Bling that beemer!

And yeah, now I totally want a skull emblem. And a bearded dragon. And…

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