morning feed    ….   Another in my

morning feed    ….   Another in my collection of silly Battlefield Earth reviews. Lame, lame, lame, lame, lame.   ….   Oregonians don’t just love their sexy, blue-jean-clad governer because he wears cowboy boots to work. We love him because he’s just so Oregon.   ….   I don’t agree with all of this article on sexism in comix, but it’s an interesting read. What they ignore is how abused men are in comics. I mean, for heaven’s sake, it’s a violent medium. They also assume that women don’t buy comics. Well, newsflash: we do. In fact, a woman manages my favorite shop   ….   a completely disgusting article about urination. Why am I reading this?   ….   I keep meaning to mention one of my faves, fragx. I haven’t contributed in a while, but it’s a great concept if you can handle your writing being fodder for random critics.

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