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One of my favorite subscriptions is Raw Spice Bar. A few weeks ago, they sent me an email offering a discount on my first shipment from Hello Fresh, so we decided to give it a try. Hello Fresh delivers a box containing ingredients for three meals (you choose if it’s for 2 or 4 people), along with recipes. We chose the vegetarian option.

Here’s the unboxing of our first delivery:

There is a lot of packaging, though it’s definitely necessary. There is fiber insulation surrounding the items. I think I can use that for fiberfill for stuffies and such. There were five cold packs. We’re keeping two, but the rest must be thrown away. The box was a little wet, so not reusable.

This is not a cheap subscription. Three meals for two people will set you back $59/week. You can definitely get the ingredients for much less on your own, though you’ll be getting many times the amount needed. If you’re prone to wasting stuff, it’s something to think about.

I made the Mushroom and Leek Tagliatelle (sorry, ate it before thinking about pictures). Here is apparently where Hello Fresh shines, because damn, that was fantastic. It actually made three meals for us, so the Spousal Unit has lunch tomorrow. This makes the cost about $6.56 per meal.

Is it worth it? Depends.

If you always make dinner at home, then no, this is dumb. If you want new recipes, you can get a book.

If you eat out a lot, like we unfortunately do, the math is a bit different. We would be replacing the cost of about one meal out with three home-cooked meals. So why don’t I get a recipe book, too? It’s all about inspiration. Having this sucker show up on your doorstep, with everything already measured, and an excellent recipe presented…it’s very cool. If it keeps us home even one more night a week, it will be worth it.

The proof will be seen over time. We’ve already made a rule: if we waste stuff two weeks in a row, the subscription ends. I’ve already been doing a lot better about cooking at home (having the Spousal Unit do the prep helps!), so I’m hoping we can keep up with this.

I don’t think we’ll subscribe forever, but it will be good food fun for a while.

Snapshot 1 (11-4-2015 10-06 PM)

UPDATE: Last night’s Curried Thai Rice Bowl was extremely bland and dry, and had to be doctored considerably to be edible. So HF isn’t all recipe magic.

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