Dorset Buttons

Beaded Dorset Button Brooch in Olive and Copper

Beaded Dorset Button by Denise Kovnat

Every once in a while I find an intriguing craft I’d never heard of, and of course, I have to try it.

Gini’s Boutique

Dorset buttons originated in the 17th century, and were made and used through the 19th century, until mass-produced buttons became readily available.

I’m not entirely sure I did my rounding properly, but I don’t think it much matters, as there are obviously many ways to stitch these little jewels.

My first effort

My first effort

Other folks must be much faster at it, as this took me about three hours. I tried to add beads, but it was more complicated than I planned, and I didn’t want to ruin the base button.

$34 for this necklace by Wonder Woollens? She must be fast.

If you’d like to know more, I started here:

Handmade and embroidered Dorset buttons

Anita Simmance

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  1. Cheryll Dale says:

    Wow, all those are very pretty. I love your blue a lot, but of course, it is my very favorite color, lol….what fun!

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