Talking a Blue Streak So

Talking a Blue Streak

So I have a gorgeous electric-blue streak in my strawberry-blonde hair. To me, my friends, and the average Mike on the street, it’s no big thang. At work is another story.

To explain my workplace without getting too specific, let me say that my division has the word “federal” in its title. There are Robed Ones in the building, but I don’t have to see ’em. And I am, most assuredly, the only person in this great big brushed-steel building with a so much as a hint of blue hair.

Am I over-explaining again? Sigh. Probabably.

To continue, one great thing is that even tho’ I’m a bicycle in a building of SUVs, my co-workers and I get along great and we’re comfortable asking straightforward questions of each other. Like:

Q: So why is it when people do something to their appearance that is obviously engineered to get attention, they get upset when you give them that attention?

A: Depends upon the person and the attention. Folks, no one likes to be stared at rudely, and commented upon derisively. They’ve done what they’ve done because they like it, and if you don’t like it, shaddup. If you do like it, go ahead and tell them. You’ll probably get a positive reaction.

Q: So what political statement are you making with your hair?

A: I’m stating that I really like electric blue. Enough to wear it every single day.

Of course, as Zappa said, “every one of you is in uniform”. It’s true I do things to my appearance that are likely to resonate with others of similar tastes. Why shouldn’t I attract like-minded people? We do the same things precisely because we are like-minded.

But I still bet I’m weirder and more disenfranchised than you are.

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