Spring Babies

Just grabbed a bunch of photos off the car camera. We keep the one with the better zoom in the glove box. We have had the pleasure to meet many new critters this spring:

crane chix 03

These are the Traffic Cranes, so called because they are usually near or in the road. Papa is outside the frame. This was taken on April 1. We’ll see them again. Note how they come up to Mama’s knees.

heron babies

The Spousal Unit spotted a Great Blue Heron nest near his work. It’s way at the tippy-top of a tree. We’ve watched these two grow up, until now one of them has left the nest.


In our “backyard”–the golf course behind our house.

limpkin fuzzbutt

Last year we met Nigel No-Friends, a lonely limpkin who hung out by the pond where the SU works. Earlier this year, he found himself a sweetheart. We call her Mrs. Nige, and hope she isn’t insulted that we define her in such a non-feminist manner. We’ve been waiting for a baby from them. They were a little late, and only produced one, but we finally got to see the tiny fuzzbutt.

cranelets 02

cranelets 03

pond cranelets 01

We’re pretty sure these are the Traffic Cranes again. Papa isn’t around. It’s been about six weeks, and the babies are getting big! ¬†We watched these two for a while. The one on the right kept trying to chase her sibling away so she could get some grubs from Mom. The other one was kind of a dick and kept butting back in. Kids.

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