The Last Journal: 8 months, 7 days

Mom & Marlene

Marlene had been Mom’s best friend for about 15 years at this point. I’ll let Mom speak for herself later as to the depth of that love. Marlene was a bass player and vocalist, and spent some time traveling on various shoestring tours. She had a fine voice. I say “had” because I’ve no idea if she sings any more. She is still around, doing caretaker work. I grew up with her sons, Mark, Todd, & David, who are mentioned briefly. There is another Mark in the story who I do not remember.  So, for clarity, Marlene’s son Mark doesn’t do bad things. Well, not in this journal.

Jan. 28 – 1982 [actually 83–we all do this, eh?]

A full moon today. Up at 10:30. S just left for school [I went to CCI, Computer Career Institute, learning such useful things as Assembler and COBOL]. Still could sleep, but back hurts some. Cat & dog on the move too. Feeling much better–almost good. Weather good, little wind, some clouds, another storm coming in. Mar works tonight, 32.50 per.

Called Zenna [my sister, who now goes by Ivy–in her late 20s as of this writing]. Made soup. Ate a hot dog. Work good. Mar took the car. 140 morning before eating. Drink too much beer last night. #310.83 coming back on taxes sent Jan 29 today. 2.25 in tips. Gave to S for bowling. Long night got home at 3. To bed at 5. Up at 12:30. Ate soup and san, very full. Weather good–a little cold. Mar leaves on Feb 7 83 for Houston, Texas. They are going to work their way down. Feel better. Still dizzy at times. Must be my eyes.

Jan 29 – 83

Full moon on down side. Mar will take car again tonight–she’s really tired. S happy, a B+ on that test after being out ill for 6 days

30-31 & 1

Dorn brought us 7 boxes of newspaper for fire. Tried to go to Longview. R[unreadable] plugging. New manager–Tonie. It’s now Wed morning,

Feb 2 -83

I was in bed by 11 and up by 8:30–back hurt. Bug [my childhood nickname. Do not abuse this knowledge, interwebs] was going to start bowling–no one else showed Saturday [yeah, I was that kid]. Judy [not sure if this is Aunt Judy, or a co-worker] had one hell of a birthday Sunday. Monday, worked on car. Done shopping, bought a turkey. Got real tired. Too many long hours last week. Purty good week end. Sunday real low in food sales–Superbowl Game. Taxes sent out Sat. Hard rain–a lot of the weekend clear, cold & windy now. Almost got flu again, but better today. Mar supposed to leave on 7 Monday. Will see. Came in June 1-82, leaving Feb 7-83. 8 months, 7 days.

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