The Last Journal: Num dead again

For the next couple of entries, I’m going to transcribe exactly as written, as it gives a better window into her life. You’ll see I’ve been editing puncuation to make things more readable. I’ll go back to editing after this, because transcribing randomly spelled words would make me insane.  Well, more insane.  I will still leave the occasional misspelling, because that was my mom. Also, that way you’ll never know if I make a typo.

Note that she gets “surgery” correct the second time. She knew her weaknesses, and was constantly trying to improve. If she knew a word was wrong, she would head for the dictionary. She had very little formal education, and constantly strove to learn new things.

Feb 2 1983

2 days off back to work Today – dog well again. Wed – Boss in Hosp – go to have suragry [scratched out] – Had to move Beer again. No steaks – just odd & ends. made soup – cleaned – not feeling to good – got tired – a combo – of bored – rut – left over flu – Smoking to much – etc – Cold & windy – sunshine – car need Railes [maybe ‘raides’]  fixed but making it. Mar’s back out bad – making her sick. – Iam still hot & cold. Iam – num dead again – too much too long.

Feb. 3, 83

Thursday – Moon Big but only 1/2. up at 12:00 S back lost her Bus tickets – Called Zenna – Work – good dinner – 4 tips – Lorna in dum mood. Every one ealse in good mood. Jim has surgery today – remove blatter – 8 weeks to recover. Mar better – going to stay at Kerns [I don’t remember who this is. Anybody?] for week end – then in day or two on her way to Huston, texas. S had talk whi with Lane – drink 7 beers – ate – to bed at 4:30 – up at noon.

Feb  – 4 – 83 – Friday

Mars Back Bad again – I put it in1 – up at 12:00 – she’s all packed – her suitcase is in $5.90 – she went back to bed – Moved Oscer [don’t remember if this was a plant or a fish] – he’s sure thining out – Cut hair – Shaved legs & etc. Head iches to much – car still runing – .


I have realized I’m gonna need footnotes (which I keep trying to type as ‘foodnotes’) unless I want to interrupt the text at length. They will just be by entry. Not doing an Epic Work here.

1:    In our family, our backs were always “going out.” Not even sure what that means in real, physical terms. Marlene had trouble with her lower back, and Mom was insanely strong for her size. The technique was to hug the victim from the front, with your hands clasped tightly at the lower back, then lift a few inches. This was often followed by a harrowing pop, and great relief.

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