The Last Journal: Now to find my way!

The “mom” mentioned in the first line is my maternal grandmother, Elizabeth, who died about 1945. There was a lot of woo in my family, me included at the time.

Feb. 11, 1983

Mom called Zenna –?– Mar call-in. Tracy south of Sacramento. Kern got it for drunk driving. They could be there a while. Lane pulling at S again. Same runes this morning. To bed at 2:30, up at 10:30, feel fair. Not a bad day, quiet and cloudy. It was good to hear from Mar. Just seem to have to know she’s OK.

Hot flashes seem to be gone. New manager OK. S gone to school. Time now is my friend. Lorna and Caroline–not good. Entered KRDR contest yesterday. Car needs attention. Finally took tacks, staples, out of wall from Christmas. Little by little, house is shaping up. Can’t get smell out of room.

Dale holding little Dorn. I think that’s Lane in the foreground.

Feb 13 – 83 – Sunday

Dale and Zenna came over about 1:30 Sat – played with baby, what a guy. Nice visit. We all had to get going at 4:00. Work slow all weekend. No more word from Mar. Jim up and around–moving a little slow.

Very tired last night, Janet’s birthday. Good & Bad. To bed at 3:15, up at 11:30. S and Lane have cooled it for a while. Dinner at Dorn and Marg. Tuesday, 15, got paid. Light and phone to pay – $120.00 – need so much other stuff don’t know where to start. Cat still don’t feel good but better 4 days now. Raining – not to colded. A warm winter, this one–be lots of bugs next summer. Zenna brought me a plant. Room still stinks. Going to try rug cleaner. Car still stalling when not warmed up, points and plugs are needed. $119.35–phone and lights. The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want! Now to find my way!!

Feb 14 – 83

Just now leaving Sacramento. Just got Kern out of jail, 6:00 Mon evening.


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