The Last Journal: Just plain pooped

Reading the journal has created a great confusion of names. I am Cat, but not here, but there is a cat. Took me a few mentions to realize I wasn’t the one with fleas. My brother’s name is Lane Dorn. He now goes by Lane, but then he was Dorn. And yes, I was dating someone named Lane. Again, it took me a while to remember that I wasn’t fighting with my brother. ¬†Also, Zenna (who is now Ivy) and Dale’s baby…Dorn. ¬†Hope that clears things up. Heh.

Feb 15 – 83

Here I sit 5 to 2, 2nd day off waiting for laundry to get done. I still burn out, run down, wore out, or just plain pooped. Scrubbed mattress again with rug shampoo. Hope it works.

Valentine’s day good. Got Dorn and Margaret ‘Mom & Dad’ cups each. S home, miss the bus 2 times. Went to school yesterday. Her toe still bad but working on it. Lane got a job!!

Long day yesterday. Just felt wiped out. Done shopping–veg, fruits–at McNight’s, then to St. Vincent DePaul then to Safeway, Hallmark, Payless, then back out to Zim’s. A little more life today–not much–doing laundry. Have many loads. 1 in now hoped to get two in, in 10 mins.

Zen & Dale got their house. 3 bedrooms+, 410 a month. Move in March 15-83. Got me a new purse, cost .50 cents. Got rid of [sattle?]. S has six pairs of shoes down her. Oh well I don’t have that many.

Feb – 16 – 1983

A very nice day out. No rain. To bed at about 1:30, up at 9. Room still stinks. Mar gone a week and a day now. Went to Dorn & Margaret’s for dinner. Real nice & good too–have a nice old house. Bug & I enjoyed ourselves. Car dripped some. Needs ball joints & tune up. Work today. Got all the laundry done yesterday, 5 loads. Going to start exercising today as soon as S leaves for school. My head still itches a lot. Got to get some C & E. Hate to use my backup 20, but had better. Seems like I am back to minus. I new year, a new start, I must believe that.

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