The Last Journal: One big sick happy family

Feb 17 1983

Rain, rain, rain & wind. Not nice. Zenna called–she thinks she is going to have another baby & is about 6 weeks along. Sold very little food last night, but I am feeling a little better. I had bad throat, headache on way home. Ate good. S went to school–one bus late–but went. She’s doing well, but her cat still is not well. All mattress out, now for new ones. Try to come down sick, not even think good. Soup, salad, san, feel better, took new vites. Should be really up in a few days. More and more flies. Mild winter–not good.

Feb 18 – 83

Mar still hasn’t called. Can’t seem to get smell out of her room. Got to do some more scrubbing so it can be my room. Cat still not up and around good. Got home late last night; not much food again. Didn’t feel too good. Drank some beer – 7 in all. To bed at 3:15 up at 12 noon. S went to school. S & Lane went to a movie last night. I picked her up about 1:30, she must be tired. Changed glasses at work, these are nice. Ate san, soup & dumplings. A new pill out to stop you from smoking called “Bantrum.” It is Friday going into another weekend. Got to get the lead out. I am tired too much. Straight home & no beer for a while.

Lane and Geddy

Feb 19 – 83

Well I got the dam flu again. Fair at work, fair dinner. Head not itching so much. Mar called from Houston, Texas–they made it to there Thursday, Feb 17-83. Work last night at a tavern for $25 a piece. Kinda ruff but she loves it. Quite a trip. Kern was sick and crybaby. S & Lane not feeling good either. Just one big happy sick family. Cat still not doing well. To bed at 3:15, up at 10 & 9 & 6, but will try to nap later. Doing dishes right now. I looked nice last night, but felt like hell. But made it. Not looking forward to tonight. Weather wet still, no wind, a little cool. Great in Houston–will be looking forward to next report. It’s a brand new day get out and live it–right. Houston has 3 million people. That dam toy that walks down windows sure messes them up.

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  1. Tikva says:

    I’ve developed a mild obsession with reading the journal entries.

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