The Last Journal: The impossible feeling

This was about the time I realized this journal came to me when I am nearly the same age as she was at the time. Yes, hot flashes are crappy.

Feb 20 – 83

Zenna not PG. Wants me to do some redoing of her furniture–I ain’t got time to do my own. Need 2 me’s. Good night at work. I feel better–more energy. Up at 12: 45, to bed at 3:15. Ate good. Boss in good mood. No period again this month–maybe I am all done with it. Cheese san & fruit today–will hold. Hope to get some of my room done tomorrow.

Feb 21 – 83

Yay, it’s Monday again, a day off. Up at 10 – to bed at 2:30. Just tired and a little stuffed up head. Getting well. I sure see why women get depressed and kill themselves. These hot flashes give you the impossible feeling every time before they begin, and it’s always a fight back. What a dum way to live. It’s over in about a minute, but it’s hell.

Slow food night, but got lots of work done. Band in bad mood, so was boss. S off to school. Got shopping done at Zim’s: $47.00. Got me a coat, re-did side-view mirror, and S a fry pan, all for 7.00 at Saint Vincent DePaul.

Feb – 22 – 83

My dad would have been 81 years old today. Born in 1902, he was 30 years old when I was born. I will be 51 in 19 days. Hope the other check comes in today. If it does, the pressure will be off a little. Cleaned and changed house around–looks good. Made a nice dinner. Got gros, should last 2 weeks most of it. To bed at 2, up at noon, did not sleep good–hot flashes. S home today, working on school. Head hurts.

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