Ray was sooooo bored. He would scratch bad things for attention, and bite our feet. Playing with him wasn’t enough. He was starting to lose his kitten sparkle. So we got him a Christmas present.

Meet Rebecca Maxine Troublebutt:

Yup, he’s done for

We adopted her from the Montgomery County Humane Society. We were so very impressed with their setup and staff! I’m used to seeing long, dark hallways lined with cages, full of miserable animals. What we got here were two rooms with spacious cages, and a big (clean!) free area in the middle so people could meet and greet. We spent some time in both rooms. Several of the kitties were appealing, but didn’t quite have the energy to match Ray. In the second (quarantined for colds) room, we met “Maxine.” She’s younger than we planned, but she’s very rambunctious, and was taking no crap from the resident bully.

Playing at the Humane Society

Bill liked the shelter’s name for her. I thought she seemed like a Becca or Becky. It doesn’t really matter–it’s not like she’ll come when called. ┬áBut with Rebecca, they have a couples name. Resistance to the cute couples name is futile.

We introduced her slowly, giving her plenty of alone time in one of the bedrooms, so she didn’t have to put up with Ray constantly. Ray is obsessed. At first, she was full of fuggoff for him, but now she goads him, tackles him, and comes up to him for loves.

The routine is:
nuzzles and grooming for greetings
A bit of chill
Bec starts shit several times
Ray gets wound up and chases her everywhere
Bec gets fed up and goes somewhere Ray can’t
Ray cries for a while, then chills out

I expect to find her IN the tree soon

I’m waiting for them to snuggle up together to sleep, which I’m pretty sure is coming.

Since Becky came home, Ray hasn’t chased or bitten either of his humans. Or even scratched something he shouldn’t for attention.

Of course, now I don’t have a cat following me around all day, which is a little bit of a bummer. But they do both come in for pets.

Becks is extremely well behaved for a 5-month-old kitten. She doesn’t even fuss much when she gets medicine (she was on the end of an antibiotic course for a cold). Of course, Ray was perfect for the first few days, too, so I’m not getting my hopes up.

Ray, watching Becky


3 Responses to Raybecca

  1. Cheryll Dale says:

    Love that pic of Bill and Becky. So sweet.

  2. Mandy says:

    I love that you weren’t going to get A cat… ha ha ha! You are beautiful souls.

    • frykitty says:

      Ha! I know. Now I spend all my time rinsing my face so I don’t itch. Eh, they’re worth it. I think it was my sister who said “cats are the soul of a house.” I agree.

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