I have struggled with a life-long sugar addiction. It has a number of consequences, including a recent diagnosis of diabetes (aside: my sister linked this TED talk, which I found very interesting). Of course, that’s just me. No biggie. But when the Spousal Unit was diagnosed pre-diabetic, well, we’re not having that.

I’ve tried cold-turkey, and it doesn’t work, so my current obsession is making sweets with sugar substitutes. My favorite for years has been Whey Low. It’s been around for ages, though few people have heard of it. I believe it’s similar to Swerve, but at half the price. I also like Yacon syrup, which has a taste between brown sugar and molasses, and the texture of honey. It is, however, extremely expensive.


It takes some backflips. For example, if I want to make this ice cream recipe (and I do!), I have to make my own sweetened condensed milk. There are ways, and I’m stocking my pantry.

Of course, if I’m going to make sweets, I want them to be pretty. SweetAmbs is my new favorite youtube channel.

I could watch this all day.

For my first foray into decorating, I made some royal icing, and tried the wet-on-wet technique, creating marbling by dragging the end of a cake tester through the icing.

They…aren’t the prettiest. The icing was very hard to pipe (TIP: Wilton bottles suck–the tops pop off), and yet, I had to keep these in the fridge to prevent running. It’s been 17 hours and they aren’t set. So yeah, pretty sure I did that wrong. I may have to make adjustments for using Whey Low Powdered, though I think I just didn’t have enough egg whites. I have meringue powder now, and will be trying that.   HOWEVAH, they taste mahvelous. This sugar cookie recipe is great for the impatient–no need to chill. It seems crumbly, but conditions nicely as you roll it. The taste and texture is almost like shortbread. It has a soft bite, but I think it would be strong enough to build cookie houses.

Because I must make meringues, I won’t get much further in my adventures without a stand mixer.  This baby will be mine soon. It doesn’t have the pretty colors of the KitchenAid, but it has a better mixing method, and some other superior design features, at less than half the price–and the attachments are included.

I have overripe bananas, so it’s banana bread today, but my next project after that: tempering chocolate.

I will learn how to temper chocolate if it kills me. Yes, that’s five pounds of chocolate. Don’t judge.

I will get back to posting journal entries soon.

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