I don’t often get political here. That’s saved for facebook and twitter. But this has taken over my life, and this blog is about my life, so here we are.

The Spousal Unit and I are stepping up as much as we can. For the Women’s March on Washington, we stepped alllll the way out of our comfort zone, and hosted a houseful of wonderful people.

Ray photobombs the marchers. Creepy Ray is creepy.

We were expecting ten, and eight showed. And the house didn’t even feel crowded.  So, if we’re going to rent a stupid-big house, we should take advantage and use it for something important. I really enjoyed cooking for everyone, and the late-night conversations after the March were great.

Next time: make sure I have poster-making supplies and clear backpacks.

On a more personal level, I saw a need for some positivity–something to keep folks going when the news is too much. I created Inspire to Resist (also Twitter), with stories of resistance, and actions you can take. I’ve registered the domain in case I want to do an accompanying website. Just going through my feeds, looking for stuff for ItR, puts me in a better mood in the morning.

We’ll be hosting and marching frequently, and getting our hands in wherever we are able.


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