Okay, true confession time: I

Okay, true confession time: I think Asian guys are hot. I just woke up one day and suddenly they were the most beautiful men on the planet.

Okay, there’s a little bit more to it.

Eight years ago Asian guys had no special pull for me. I was an equal-opportunity flirt. Then I had this dream. No, nothing naughty I’m afraid.

I was a college student, a musician that played hammer-dulcimer. Since I was interested in the dulcimer during my waking hours, nothing Freudian there. His name was Jim Chen, and he played violin. Since I knew violin players, nothing Freudian there. He was handsome, if a little geeky. Quiet and serious, with hidden depths. We became music partners. Again, nothing Freudian, so just quit thinking it. I said stop, you sickos. That was it. But when I woke up, it was as if my eyes had opened. Suddenly I was frustrated at the paucity of Asian men in the media. Garret Wang was my first Voyager crush.

Does this mean I’m not attracted to other guys? HAHAHA…yeah right. But I am biased.

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