I'm feeling like a rant,

I’m feeling like a rant, but I can’t think of a single thing to go off on. All the common topics have been beaten to death. It’s just as well…I’m losing coherency. In fact, I have no idea how to spell koheransee at this point. Still, I wouldn’t classify this as suffering. And if I were suffering, for what would it be? Certainly not my art. Suffering for my art means I’m struggling against a weakened, scrawling hand to finish work for Jamie to make into a comic. That’s suffering for art. Is this blog art? Sometimes. I’ve said some things I’m pretty proud of. But by and large, and especially today, this is not art.

So what is it? What am I doing?

Well firstly, I did this because I hadn’t done it before. It seemed like a little test of my self. I figured I could stay up, but my will can be so weak. Would I stay up? So far I’ve proven motivated. But again, by what??? And why do I use so many italics?

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