Two hours to go, and

Two hours to go, and I suddenly have a lot to say. Okay, here’s the rest of that rant I started. It was supposed to be three blogs, so it hangs together badly. Sorry.

On the other hand, what am I going to think of these 96 (I hope) posts in a few days, or a few weeks? I’ll probably pull them off and put them on their own page, just for posterity. Will I scroll through and see some secret to myself? Will I slip on some truth I’d missed before? I love data. I love patterns. Will I see one in the other?

Also, I realized about an hour ago, there is going to be a hell of an anti-climax when midnight strikes. No one is bringing me a cake. No one is calling to congratulate me. I don’t get a little statue. The audience I’ve gained today will, for the most part, drift away over the next few days. My reward will be the bliss of passing out for 12 hours. Heh, that could be enough.

But then, there’s the fun factor. This has been fun. I do feel good about it. Staying up all night makes me feel like a teenager. Especially staying up all night for something like this. I get my friends online, and it’s like a big slumber party. I’ll probably enshrine this experience and parade it out from time to time. Was that a mixed metaphor? Oh, who cares.

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