Okay, just a couple of

Okay, just a couple of anecdotes, then I’ll get sappy and teary-eyed, and sign off for the night.

Mom couldn’t spell. She tried, it just wasn’t in her genes. She used to spell “I’m” as “I’am.” Kinda defeats the whole purpose of the contraction.

Ma’s middle name was Lourene. She was named after her maternal Aunt Lourene, who was a nun. In turn, she gave to me her middle name. She showed me my birth certificate and carefully taught me the unusual spelling: L-O-U-R-E-N-E. Pronounced Looreen. I was proud of my unique middle name, and used it as my primary name for a number of years. Lou for short.

When Mom passed away, it fell upon me to go through her legal papers. This sad duty was punctuated by a stunning bit of humor. Among her things I found her birth certificate, her name clearly spelled out by her own mother, Elizabeth. Phyllis Laurene. L-A-U-R-E-N-E.

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