There is another thing that

There is another thing that books were before the printing press, Jerwin: rare. Think of all the creative voices never heard because the means to expression was unmanagable.

On the other hand, Newsblogger is a separate issue. This isn’t about making expression easier, it truly is about homogeneity of that expression. I don’t think it will ruin the web. I think a lot of folks, me included, are scratching their heads saying “why would I use that?” Sharing news on a blog is as much about sharing diverse sources as it is about sharing my opinion. That’s the fun of it–when a blogger finds something completely off the beaten path.

Sure, when I just want to make a point about something, I’ll share a mainstream source. I guess that’s what this is for, ease of hyperlink. I hope people aren’t planning on using this for a major source of content–but I guess that’s their business. We’ll see where it goes.

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