Sometimes, e-mail is too good

Sometimes, e-mail is too good to leave in my mailbox:


I just saw something in your blog:

“Napster bad. RIAA bad. It is the people caught in the middle–the artists–that deserve our support. ”

this from the same person who buys *used* CD’s? you of course realize that when you buy a used cd the artist gets nothing from it? no money, no fame, no little notch on the bedpost of record sales. I understand your desire to buy direct from the artist, and i understand your desire not to give good money to big chain record stores who don’t care about what we (the people who have good taste)want. but if you buy used, you are refraining from giving to the artist. and i don’t just mean money. now, in defense of used cd’s, sometimes it’s the only way to find things, and sometimes I really don’t mind buying used, for example any of the bands who get constant radio play……but in some cases the artist must know that we support them: The Beautiful South, The Trashcan Sinatras, The Lucksmiths, The Manic Street Preachers (the list is endless!) otherwise they never tour here….

ok, now defend yourself.



my response:


Firstly: I’m only boycotting the big five. Most of
the music we listen to doesn’t have anything to do
with them. I bought Lucksmiths new. I’m getting
Judybats directly from their website.

Secondly: I truly feel that the best way to encourage
artists to break free from their RIAA contracts, or at
least encourage the RIAA corps to have better
contracts, is to buy directly from artists. I’m using to do that.

I won’t even talk about the inflated prices of CDs,
which really pisses me off, because you’re right in
that some artists need to be purchased new just to show support.

But no, I’m not supporting RIAA artists. Boohoo forBritney.

I can only do so much, and whatever anyone does is
unlikely to be a perfect solution. For example, it
would be rather difficult for me to research every
single subsidiary of the big five and make sure I’m
not buying from them. So I’ll screw that up. Because
I feel changing the system is more important in the
long run, I’ve made the imperfect decision to not buy
new from RIAA artists. I have to live with that.

All clear now?

I’ve done several blogs on this subject as my opinion
has developed–and some things I haven’t even bothered
to talk about. So the blog is probably not a clear picture.


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