Of course they will, but

Of course they will, but will anyone else get to hear about it? I’m greedy. I want the dissemination of creativity to be easy so I can see it, hear it, read it, touch it.

One of my closest friends is a brilliant artist. When his next show is ready, he will go through the gallery mechanism to get a showing. He would still paint without a showing because he must–he’s driven, but the public would never get to see it, and that would be a shame. He’s shy, not necessarily good with groups of people, and definitely no salesman. He could never run his own showing or gallery. Even if he could, it would take time away from painting.

This isn’t the best example because the gallery system is not really easy–but it’s the best that can be done with something that must be seen live to be appreciated. Not so with the written word. Our thoughts can be disseminated in print, on cassette, on the web. The less cumbersome the process, the more people will be able to create. Sure, that opens the floodgates. I don’t care. I’m sure that many of our greatest current writers are completely computer illiterate. I want them on the web. The easier the better.

So what were we talking about to begin with? Hee.

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