My boss keeps telling people

My boss keeps telling people I hate to drive. That’s not true. I admit I only get behind the wheel about three times a year, so I end up a little terrified, but I don’t hate to drive. My problems with cars are political, not personal.

I resent that the priority for transportation dollars is building infrastructure for cars, instead of making streets safer for bikes and pedestrians, and developing mass-transit.

I resent cities that are designed around the primacy of the automobile at the expense of bikes and peds. Biking and walking are healthier, cheaper, and more environmentally friendly than any automobile, yet they are consistently given second-string status.

I resent that people consider driving a right rather than a privilege. I resent that drivers complain about “high” gas prices, and vote to drastically reduce registration fees that are actually reasonable when the cost of building roads and repairing damage are considered.

I actively hate those that would spike a bike path with glass, nails, or other debris. I hope those that do this drop dead. Soon.

I resent consumers that cannot disengage from the culture of acquisition long enough to realize that they don’t need an SUV.

Writing this list has made me angry. Maybe my problem with cars is personal. Fine. Fuck cars.

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