Well, it’s ten years late,

Well, it’s ten years late, but I’m finally reading Susan Faludi’s Backlash. Shame on me for waiting. Now I have to apologize for something.

I managed to avoid believing most of the anti-feminist media myths: the man shortage; the misery of the single woman (HAHAHAHA!); the fertility crisis. There is one, however, that I fell for: the inferiority of day-care. I have espoused the belief that one parent should stay home with their children. I believed the day-care scares and the bonding-problem myths. Well, I was wrong. After thinking about it, I realized there’s nothing wrong, and probably everything right, with leaving children with day-care while the parents go to work. Few people are actually cut out to be parents–they have expertise in other areas instead. Why not leave the bulk of child care to a professional? Kids still bond with their parents just fine, and mom and dad get to go to work and do something fulfulling. Thinking back, I kinda wish there had been day-care when I was a child. I look at these day-care centers with their bright colors and their cool toys and thing Hey! I’m signing up now!

So I take it all back. I allowed myself to be duped by the media, and I’m sorry. Day-care rocks.

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