10 Random Things That Make

10 Random Things That Make Me Unusual.

  1. I love my job.
  2. I don’t really like children.
  3. I prefer living alone, except for one time when I had a really good roommate (darn you for moving, Scott!).
  4. I don’t own a car, on purpose.
  5. Two hours of television in a week is a lot for me.
  6. I don’t like talking on the phone.
  7. I own neither a cell-phone nor a pager.
  8. I have the word “YES” tattooed around my left wrist in old-style computer script (kind of a stylized OCR A).
  9. I don’t wear jewelry.
  10. I don’t wear makeup.
  11. I wear Chuck Taylor High-Tops 360 days a year.
  12. I can’t count.

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