Sometimes it can be fun

Sometimes it can be fun when someone makes assumptions about you–provided they’re correct. It’s like they know something special about you, and you relate on a deeper level. Just the opposite happens when people make incorrect assumptions. When someone tries to decide who you are without your consent, it feels like your boundaries have been crossed. Personally, it makes me very angry. I know who I am. I have a good understanding of my motivations, whether or not I choose to share them with you. You are not me, and you don’t get to decide who I am. Not one little fucking bit.

Okay, that rant probably needs a little explanation. The person mentioned in the long entry below had a bad habit of making incorrect assumptions about me on a regular basis. It was a major factor in my decision to back off. Constantly explaining myself and being willfully misunderstood got old. So of course, she sees the blog, writes me making a mess of bad assumptions, then ends the note by saying: “And I doubt that I have as many presumptions about your character as you think I do.”


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