From time to time I’ve

From time to time I’ve managed to keep journals. They are, depending on my time of life, cool to look back on. I can see either how I’ve progressed or (more often) gone in the same stupid circles. Sometimes I’ve progressed so far that I’m inspired to burn a journal lest I die and someone reads about what a fuckup I was. My point, and I do have one (yeah, I stole that from Ellen), is that this is becoming just such a future resource. No, not the burnable kind, but the kind I believe I’ll look back on with wonder. Which made me think about the kinds of things I put in here. I leave a lot out because it might be a little personal, or a little medical, a little embarrassing, or what have you. But this is my legacy to me. There are things I’m going to want to know when I look back on this. No need for great detail, but some things should be skimmed.

Which is why I want to put down that I had a biopsy today. I know that word brings up painful visions, but it really didn’t hurt. But it may change my life. I’ll know more next week. And that’s skimmed enough.

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