Alright then, I’m under orders

Alright then, I’m under orders to update my blog. I’m thinking light and superficial. Oh, yeah. Definitely.

I’ve been renting a lot of movies lately. Going through one of those stages. In the last week I’ve rented The Sweet Hereafter (very good), Felicia’s Journey (well-acted but plodding), Scream 3 (I actually figured out who the killer was), Sophie’s Choice (about time I watched this movie. Very good. And starring Peter MacNichol–yes–of Ally McSqueal! Oh what a career he squandered.), The Spring (oops, made for cable: sucked). I have Shadowlands and Life in the Fast Lane waiting. I really wish there were a way to tell if something was made for cable. Since I don’t have it, I never see the ads. So I’m beginning to get leary of off-beat titles. Ah well.

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