I’m very sick of hearing about Survivor, and the only thing remotely interesting about knowing the winner is that he shares a name with the guy from Battlestar Galactica.

What irritates me most is that all of this is considered news. What the hell? Since when does the media have permission to generate its own stories? It’s like watching the X-Files and the news show afterwards has a tie-in story. Sorry folks, that’s not news, that’s wrong. As I get older, I have less and less faith in mass media. If I watch news (or read it, for that matter), I’m constantly trying to figure out what the angle is. Who paid for that study? For whom are they advertising today? Who wants us scared of __________?

Which, finally, brings me to the cover of Time. Remember I said I was reading Susan Faludi’s Backlash a decade too late? I’m so ashamed that it’s still timely. The cover story of this week’s Time appears to be another “suffering single woman” story. Why they chose to run on 80s headline on a very good, 90s article, is beyond me. Frankly, it’s about time someone examined how MEN feel about remaining single as women are no longer required to marry.


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