Sorry if I’ve become boring.

Sorry if I’ve become boring. It comes and goes.

I’ve noticed that as I go from hot new thing to hot new thing in this wonderful electronic world, that there is one constant: people don’t have a helluva lot to say. Clubs, b-boards, chat, and mailing lists get old but fast. I’ve been really happy with the blogging folks, in that they stay fascinating over time. And the ones that aren’t…well you don’t have to read them. That feature is somewhat unique to blogging. If you’re on a mailing list for a specific interest, you have to read all the crap to make sure you don’t miss anything. B-boards are a little easier to weed. Clubs…yeeg I’m sick of clubs with few exceptions. Chat is the worst of the lot.

Snugglyface: Hi! Welcome to the room! 🙂
Grubfarmer: Thanks! A/S/L? 😉
Bagofpuss: LOL! ROFL! ROFLMAO!

I love the variety of community that can be found on the web. I look forward to new incarnations thereof. Still, I hope THIS one doesn’t get boring. Ahem. Like I have. ROFL!

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