Won this today on e-bay.

Won this today on e-bay. I feel bad because I’m sure someone thinks I sniped them in the last 30 seconds of the auction. Truth is, my browser crashed and I had to close it and start it up again, so I didn’t mean to snipe them in the last 30 seconds. I meant to snipe them in the last minute. In any case, I’m getting this vid sight-unseen. It’s nearly impossible to find any decent Sean Pertwee films, and it isn’t only because he’s made so few. I think $hopping was released in the U.S. at some time or other, but I’ve never seen it.

Oh, I know, I live in Portland and I could get off my butt and go to one of two incredible indie rental shops and find it. Does anyone else think it’s ultimately cheaper to spend $30 to have it mailed to me than it is to take three buses and spend a couple hours to go rent it? I admit sometimes my carlessness is a pain…but hell, I probably would want to buy it anyway. I like following the NaturalNylon folks.

Which reminds me, NN has a sucky site. You can hardly tell anything about what they have in production, and you have to look up news articles to see who they even are. Okay, here’s the skinny for everyone that clicked on that link and is now pissed at me:

NaturalNylon is a production company founded by Ewan McGregor, Jude Law, Sadie Frost, Jonny Lee Miller, and Sean Pertwee. They formed it for the same reason most actors form production companies. To give themselves good roles. So far they’ve done eXistenZ and Nora, though there’s still no U.S. release date for the latter. Can someone explain to me why there’s no such thing as a worldwide release date yet??? Why does the U.K. get our movies late, and we get their movies late. It sucks. Rrr. Now where was I?

Ah yes. NN

Anyway, I think the NN crew are a fine bunch of actors. In fact, if Edward Norton were among their number, they would (in my decidedly un-humble opinion) encompass the best acting talents of the generation. So I like to look up their catalogs and see as much as I can. Next I want to get my mitts on Final Cut, so I’m ready for Love, Honour, and Obey. If it ever gets released over here.

For the truly interested, there is an NN webring.

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