I’m packing. I haven’t even

I’m packing.

I haven’t even chosen an apartment yet. Don’t even have my moving money in hand (it will be here in a few days). It could be a month or more before I move. Am I crazy?

I thought it would be an interesting experiment to see how much I can live without for a little while. How far can I strip this house before it becomes unbearable? Movies, music, and basic stuff I use every day stays out. Everything else will be neatly packed into boxes long before I’m ready to go. I think it will give me new perspective on what I really need.

In the movie Erendira (which I don’t recommend, BTW), the grandmother is falling asleep, yet still giving instructions to her slave/grandaughter. She says: “Make sure everything is in its place. Things suffer when they are out of place.” Though I didn’t like the movie, I loved that line. I would like to have so few things that keeping each thing in its place is effortless. We’ll see how close I get.

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