I have an apartment! For

I have an apartment!

For Portlanders, it’s a The Yards, which is right by Union Station, just behind the apts that are on the river. They are brand new.

On the minus side:

  • They’re more expensive than I’d like
  • My apt is a little dark

On the plus side:

  • I can either ride a free bus or walk to work–no more bus pass
  • Nice little fitness facility
  • Beautiful grounds, nice location
  • Rooftop terraces on every building
  • Stacked washer/dryer in the apt (this is a BIG plus!)
  • The place is “nookish”, it has cool angles I can use to create my office space
  • It has these great low windowsills that the cats will love
  • I can paint it any color I like

Now I have to call my current landlady and tell her. Ouch.

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