My friend Dave suggested I

My friend Dave suggested I look at the book Pad for ideas at the new place. Neither of the two bookstores within walking distance had it, so I decided to just browse through the Interior Design section at Borders. Oh, what I have found. The first book, House of Belief: Creating Your Personal Style, is full of funky rooms and unusual ideas. It covers a wide range of wild styles, all distinctly different. No country kitsch here. The second book I bought because I’m allowed to paint any darned thing I want to on my new walls. It’s The Ultimate Wall Book, and there are NO fake pine effects here. There is one marbling technique, but it’s very left-of-center, so I forgive them. We’re talking plaid, stripes, distressed, decoupage, 3-D effects–this book is bloody amazing. I wish I had more rooms.

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