The apartment I love is

The apartment I love is officially mine. I just need to go in to sign things and give them tons of money, but that can wait a little while. I get to move in about two weeks before ‘zilla (btw, Paul, close the tag on your permalink code). Heh, guess he gets to learn from my mistakes.

Until then, big plans! And here they are:


Theme: WILD!

Paint scheme:

This red ragged wall will blend to an orange ceiling. There is a small, square window placed high up on one wall–it will get a sunburst that matches the ceiling. Orange highlighting will go around art.

I already have most of the elements for this room. Deep burnt-orange vintage chairs, a sturdy old couch covered with multicolored throws, and tons of shelves, which will be painted in contrasting colors. I even have striking orange and yellow vases, believe it or not. The art centerpiece will be Air Piano by Scott W. Raymond. I will need to build an appropriate frame for it.


Theme: Whimsical

Paint scheme:

The color is right, but I’ll be decoupaging kitties rather than fruit. I want new dishes–some clear glass in bright colors. But that can wait.


Theme: Bold and Elegant

Paint scheme:

I’m not sure about the colors, but there will be gold accents. Gold shower curtain. Gold fixtures. I already have a nice mirror and some small pictures that will fit in nicely. I really hope this stenciled paint effect is easier than it looks, because I’m a painting goob.


Theme: Asian/primitive

Paint scheme:

The color will actually be medium-brown. On each side of the bed will be one large Chinese character done in beige, with the same paint technique (frottage). Though I have many elements for this room, there are a couple of loose ends that are going to cost me some $$$. My dresser is a piece of crap that I barely use. It will be replaced with something smaller and cooler. I saw some small pyramid-shaped dressers done in rough, dark wood at a shop in Northwest. They were cheap. Mine. I also need a headboard, or just something interesting that I can use as one. I also need a shiny comforter in a solid color.

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