Fry on packing Back in

Fry on packing

Back in the days of my impetuous youth (which would be the last time I moved), I had some odd ideas about packing. The bigger the box, the better. Put like things in the same box. Labels? We don’t need no steenkin’ labels!

Things have changed, and I hope for my friends sake (and my own) that my logic is a little better now. This is how I’m doing it this time:

  • Reasonably-sized boxes. I unpacked some computers at work recently, and a co-worker wanted those huge, strong boxes for moving. I gave them up gladly, and I think she’s crazy. Those are too damned big. The boxes I’m using are the size of paper boxes.
  • Category does not matter. Weight matters. I don’t want a box that I, personally, cannot move comfortably. So the contents go like this: something heavy on the bottom–a layer of books, vids, CDs, etc. Mid-weight to light stuff fills in–kitchen and bathroom stuff, knick-knacks. On the top goes a layer of something fabric to fill in the gaps–I’m starting with clothes I’m not using.
    The end result is that every box weighs about the same, and is perfectly liftable.

  • I’m labeling everything, but not getting uptight about it (I may regret the “not uptight” part later). If it’s stuff I need right away, the label says so.
  • I’m leaving all my blankets out to pad furniture in the truck.
  • I’m leaving the cleaning stuff out so I can clean up after the apt is empty. Yes, I’ve been sthoopid enough to pack it in the past.

The only other thing I can think of is something I do on a regular basis–purge. I’m not moving anything I don’t use or don’t love. I’m also jettisoning a lot of furniture. Crappy stuff goes to charity because I deserve a fresh start without crappy stuff. A lot of other things I don’t have room for and don’t need are going to friends. Your friends love it when you move, you know. I’ve scored big-time when my friends have moved, so it’s only fair I move once in a while to pass it along.

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