Because I suck at it,

Because I suck at it, every few months I do some sort of refresher in time management. Each time, I absorb a little more. For this round, I chose the book Time Management from the Inside Out by Julie Morgenstern. Once you get past the simplistic writing style, she’s got some great ideas. Over the last year (much thanks to my boss, who makes time management a priority), my workday has become more efficient and more satisfying. I love getting a lot done. I know what my over-arching goals are and I work toward them gleefully. But that’s work. And thus is my quandary.

If you want to get anything done, you have to know why you’re doing it. It’s important to be working toward something you want. At work, no problem. At home…I have no goals. Well, I have goals regarding specific things, but I don’t have a big, epic dream.

No, no, don’t feel sorry for me. I don’t have a big far-reaching ring to reach for because I’m really, really content. I went through most of my life thinking someday, I’ll work for myself. I’ve started any number of businesses only to discover that they weren’t really what I wanted. What I want is the job I have. I love it. It challenges me creatively, it keeps me learning, it allows me to make a big impact to about 70 wonderful people. So…that means I don’t have any career-oriented goals spilling over into my personal time, because that’s all taken care of.

So what else is there? Is my life goal to see a lot of movies, listen to a lot of music, read a lot of comics, and find the best Chinese restaurant in Portland? Wow, that is so lame. Shouldn’t I be reaching for the stars? I used to want to be a rockstar. Boy, am I ever glad I grew out of that crap. I don’t like kids (well, maybe with teriyaki sauce), so that’s out. The idea of marriage gives me hives. I’m satisfied creatively, so I don’t want to paint or draw or sculpt or write.

The truth is, I’m not driven in my personal life. I just want a cool apartment, good friends to entertain in it, and happy cats to lounge in it. I want to have fun, go white-water rafting, hiking, biking, etc. My goal used to be happiness, but I got that.

Guess I’ll just be a happy person that has fun. I better grab my calendar; I have my work cut out for me.

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