Kitty should not be spending

Kitty should not be spending money on any more home-decorating books. But I just can’t help myself.

First, before I left for Seattle on Friday I got the call that Pad: The Guide to Ultra-Living was in at the bookstore. Ooooh. I fear I shall get hooked on making resin coasters–finally, a use for those Babylon 5 trading cards! While I’m not going to make the porno-chic lamp, it went over big with my friends. I will definitely be using their tips on toilet lids.

Second, as you can probably tell from the blog below, I was a bit cranky today. What better way to cheer up than get another book? Thus entereth Decorative Style: The Most Original and Comprehensive Sourcebook of Styles, Treatments, Techniques, and Materials. They aren’t kidding. First, they cover some decorating basics. After that you are treated to chapter after chapter of themed styles, each with a stodgy name but a great look. Even their Country styles are cool. And you can’t beat their Gothic Bathroom. Last, a big ole’ section on how to do it all. This book was a touch spendy, but thoroughly worth it.

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