Forgot to mention that I

Forgot to mention that I talked to the boss about a raise on Tuesday. He has to go through higher-ups who will be hard to convince, but I know he’ll do his best. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of asking what I could do to help my chances. He said network training would raise my worth, and that’s okay. He also mentioned…my dress. No, he’s not trying to tell me how to dress, but he does understand the culture here. I know he’s right, even if I resent being judged on looks instead of skill. It’s just $1000 I’ll have to really scrape for. All I own are jeans and tops and sneakers. I should count my blessings; a few years ago a woman my size wouldn’t be able to find anything decent to wear. Nowadays it’s fairly easy to out-dress the rabble. Expensive, but at least possible. Stay tuned for a new Kitty. A snazzy Kitty. An uncomfortable and poor Kitty.

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